DIY Mirror Writing

Last year when I was just getting started with TheDIYShow.com I created an Inspiration Board. I wanted to be able to incorporate goals and encouraging words with home decor.


I have the tendency to get discouraged and lose focus at times. I even struggle with bouts of depression sometimes.
What seems to help keep me going is reminding myself of God’s Word and Promises. I also have to keep myself reminded of the goals I’ve set in order to try to stay on task.


I spend a lot of time in the bathroom. It’s where I am before I go to bed at night and after I awake in the morning. I began using my bathroom mirror as something like an inspiration board. Some days I may write scriptures and sometimes I write inspiring quotes and then most times I include both.


My Mirror Writing utensils usually consist of either:
Sharpies (erase with fingernail polish remover)
Dry Erase Markers



Here’s a short list of sites that offer Inspirational Quotes
Bible Study Tools

Inspirational Bible Verses
Quote Garden
Forbes Top 100 Inspirational Quotes


I hope this project inspires you to get your creative juices flowing! I encourage you to create a Vision Mirror for yourself. Make it work for you! Turn it into a list of your goals and aspirations. Be sure to include a few inspirational quotes and Bible verses to keep you inspired and motivated along the way!

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The Good, Bad and Ugly Facebook

20140718-114129-42089496.jpg Generally my blog is about my DIY and craft adventures. Because I love blogging and have a passion for creating things, I spend a lot of time on social media sharing ideas and exploring new ones. I have a personal Facebook account as well as a Fan Page for TheDIYShow. My experience with the two is quite the opposite. My personal Facebook page consists of family members, friends, and mostly people who are just lurkers who don’t even speak to me outside of Facebook. Around 2007 is when I really started hearing the FB buzz. I was determined to stay away from it because all I ever heard was negative things. There would always be talk about a FB Beef, someone making fun of another’s pictures, people taking screenshots of photos from other’s accounts and sharing them with those who aren’t considered friends. The list goes on and on! I ended up creating a FB account because everything advertised was followed by “Like us on Facebook”. I was missing out on the news, the trends and the product offers and discounts so I signed up. My initial experience was extremely overwhelming. I received a friend request from an aunt on my father’s side that was followed by a message that stated, “you have a brother named **** and a sister named ******* on here.” Shortly afterwards I became ‘friends’ with 3 other sisters! At 34 yrs of age I was finding out about siblings I had no idea existed. To top it all off, I found out I had a brother a year younger than my daughter. I really don’t have to say it for you to figure it out but papa was a rolling stone.

20140718-114234-42154958.jpg For the most part I enjoy FB, but there are those moments when it gives me the biggest headache. I hate it when I’m scrolling down my newsfeed and some raunchy video automatically starts to play. I hate it when people posts threats to someone but won’t tell who they’re talking to. I hate it when someone passes away and there’s always those certain people who want to be the first one to break the news (not having any type of consideration for family members or close friends who may not have even been informed yet). I hate receiving notifications of game requests. I hate the fact that FB decides what friends and pages appear in my newsfeed. I hate when people post statuses acting as if they are IIyanla Vanzant or Dr. Phil especially when they were just displaying those same characteristics themselves. I hate when people use FB as a platform to put their family and friends on blast. Yea, it’s entertaining but tacky at the same time. I hate reading comments from news stories and realizing how sick and racist some people in the world can be. I hate logging on and seeing some poor ill or damaged child. I hate when adults bring drama to FB when they should be setting better examples for their children that they friend on their accounts. I hate it when someone’s page gets hacked and I get all those crazy comments on my posts or in my inbox. I hate being Poked, what is that about? I hate when someone adds me to a group I would not otherwise have joined. I hate receiving messages from some strange female asking to ‘get with me’. I hate when I share something on TheDIYShow fan page and FB wants me to boost my post in order for my followers to see.

On the flip side of things, I love being able to share important life events with my family and friends. I love being able to see the photos and milestones in their lives. I love being able to read the latest news stories and celebrity gossip. I love following craft and DIY pages that share creative ideas. I love being able to buy and sell on an online yard sale page. I love being able to tag my husband in a post that relates to us. I love meeting new people in groups who share the same interests and passions. I love being able to inbox people when I want to send a quick message. I love being able to reconnect with people I never thought I’d see or hear from again. I love being reminded that it’s someone that’s close to me birthday (I’m sure I probably would’ve forgotten). I love being able to uplift someone by commenting with encouraging words.

There are a lot of pros and cons to Facebook and although my negatives outnumber my positives, I continue to faithfully log on daily! Bottom line is… Facebook is what you make it! You have to take the good with the bad and sometimes it can get ugly!

I would like to know your thoughts and what you consider your Facebook experience to be like. As Facebook says, “What’s on your mind”

Thanks for stopping by, Dannielle



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