WalkerHouse Candle Co

Coming mid-April 2014

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WalkerHouse delivers intensely fragranced candles that are hand poured under the direction of accomplished candle maker and company owner Dannielle Walker. Each candle is hand poured individually and outfitted in a clear glass tumbler that allows you to experience the captivating effects from the ambiance presented by the dancing flame, and the indulgent, uninterrupted scent throw escaping from its wide opening.

WalkerHouse Potpourri
Our potpourri consists of porous crystals that beautifully diffuse fragrance in a space and are available in 1lb bags with a 1oz bottle of refresher oil in one of our Signature Collection fragrances.

Our Signature Collection includes:


-bouquet of fresh roses and jasmine with a sprinkle of vanilla dew
-medley of pineapple, strawberry and peach harmonizing with floral notes of jasmine
-the perfect blend of citrus and ripened peach delicately laced with yellow jasmine and lavender

    The Perfect Gift Candles

Something Blue Bridal Candle

beautiful, vibrant Blue bridal gift reminiscent of a coral island getaway. Infused with chunky pineapples, orange and peach slices, honeysuckle, rose and jasmine

Make A Wish Birthday Candle

20140413-170127.jpg enjoy the delectable aroma of freshly baked buttery cake. Make a Wish and Light the Candle!



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