Pumpkin w/ Pumpkin Dip Recipe


While putting together The Falling for Fall Series , I discovered a pumpkin with a pumpkin pie recipe written directly on it with what could’ve been a Sharpie. I thought it would be great as a wonderful hostess gift or fall decor for our kitchen area but with chalk paint.

I’m not very fond of pumpkin pie, but I’m willing to try this easy recipe for Pumpkin Dip that I found over at Closet Cooking

All you need is:
your favorite pumpkin recipe
chalkboard paint




The first ingredient says 1 cup pumpkin purée. Writing neatly on a pumpkin with chalk was a bit of a challenge for me.

This makes a very attractive holiday display. Not only can this be used to display recipes but welcome messages as well. You can erase it and write something else. I wonder how long before it begins to rot? Do you know?

I would recommend a smaller pumpkin if you’re going to give this as a gift.

For the complete recipe, and to see how this dip was creatively served inside of a pumpkin, head on over to Closet Cooking!

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