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Yes, Relationship Contract

It began as a joke! I actually had never heard of this until one day my beau and I were joking around on Facebook and there were some offerings made. I responded by saying, “Great, I’ll send the contract!” His response was, “Write it up!” So here we are.

After thinking more about it, I think it’s a wonderful idea. I look at it as positive re-enforcement. It’s our way of saying that we are committed to this thing by outlining details that we feel will help our relationship thrive. We are holding each other accountable for continuing to do the things that has made our relationship a success.

My first thought was to compile a few questions to figure out what areas this contract needed to address. A Google search returned a site called RelationshipContract.net
I found it to be a very useful guide, although I did tailor my contract to our specific needs.
The site even recommends having a ceremony to consummate the contract.

What are your feelings about a relationship agreement? Is it something you would consider?

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Resource: RelationshipContract.net